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I'll Live A Thousand Years [I’ll Live A Thousand Years]

I’ll live a thousand years, many lives I’ll touch
The earth will harbour my two-way breezes in
Anyways, my back the dust will die to mulch

A thousand years, i said, I’ll live
a sweet hymn to the creator, will my lips raise
by the corners of every New Year’s eve

I’ll burn yellow flames
watch the flopping of the dimmed clouds
every fall of dusk and the stars’ games

Centenary winds will swirl through my hair, grey
Upon the peak of every sunrise my wrinkles will wax and stray
My son will bend under my crawling shadow
the skin of my bum will hurt with much ado

A thousand memories will seize my sleep
around the powdery ashes killed by red flames
I’ll squat and give yesterday a grip

I’ll war again
The squelch will echo again as I tread
The zone of death in pain

Written by: Goodnews Mememugh Karibo
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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