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Ije Uwa…

The things we are leaving
Are living in us…

With our hands
We ploughed our fields only
To reap shame

During planting…

We toil in seasons
Leaving our dreams to narrow
At the pitiable stream
Of our all fainting shadows

Grasping our hoes…

Dream left flying
Earth kept drying
Every man to his plight
And on our land, from its
Nuptial journey settles the locust

But we hope…

In our favour will Amadioha judge
And flavour our earth
With heavenly tears
While (we keep) holding fast to the
deadly mushroom.

In fear shall we again
Till the earth and
Bless it with our tears.

The things we left
Are coming to us

Ije Uwa…

Written by: Ewo Franklin Chidiebere

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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