If I Be A Poet, Let It Be

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I don’t write poems
to sway the broken hearted;
I only sew alpha-betas
with a double thread
stitching broken lines
to create nice fabrics
worthy of displaying
in the market of the poets;

I’m not a renowned poet
just an apprentice –
a wordsmith wriggling rhymes
on a rhythmic canvass;
moulding lumps of imageries
fit to personify truth,
justify freedom
and magnify justice
for all of mankind
If I be a poet,
let my words give life
to dry bones and sinews;
let the mountains
hide in trembling,
until victory is attained
in this valley of shame

If I be a poet –
sewing meaningless words
into meaningful verses,
let the words made
from my sleepless simulations
spring forth change
giving terracotted hope
to dejected denizens
of my mother land

If I be a poet
of the peoples’ republic
let it be


Written by: Iyeomoan Emmanuel Ehizogie



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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


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    IYEOMOAN EMMANUEL (alias, Ematernity) says

    Thanks for featuring this, Sir KIS.

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