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I TALK PHYSICS by Akinbola Kehinde Ridhwan

I was walking with a girl from chemistry department
And she said i was too fast
Like a gentleman would, I reduced my acceleration
Yet she said i moved with the speed of light

I took off weight from my mobility
So I can be rigid a bit.
But I was walking so slow; and I just had to voice out
Babe! We have a lot a distance to cover

In a jiffy, I increased my instantaneous velocity
And the time of my movement became uniform
But i was scared; she was screaming”I’m tired”
I guess the free electrons in her can no more get to the anode

Then as a physicist, I made her anode positive to the cathode
So electrons got to the anode, and she was rejuvenated
The anode voltage now became the anode current
So we moved on, until she paused to rest.

While at rest; I gained some potential energy
And i noiced she was panting repeatedly
The frequency of her voice was very high
So I looked at her eyes; i noticed the molecules of water
Held together by hydrogen bond, fallen down her cheek

Then i realised i was moving faster than I thought
And I reduced my kinetic energy
For her to meet up with my pace
But it was obvious the electrons in her were loosing energy

They’ve jumped down to a lower energy level
Moving towards the ground state.
So I held her close with an ionic bond
And we became an electrovalent compound

The force of attraction between us became high
Because she was a full negative test charge
The distance of separation between us was zero
We became immune to Coulomb’s law.
Happily we moved on with a uniform velocity
Till we decelerated at LT 026…

I TALK PHYSICS by Akinbola Kehinde Ridhwan

I TALK PHYSICS by Akinbola Kehinde Ridhwan

Author: Akinbola Kehinde Ridhwan

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