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Heaven Or Hell [Heaven Or Hell]

The one who left us, what was he thinking?
Did he finally accept that there is a #God?
Did he ask for an eleventh hour forgiveness?

The one who left us, did he like that thief on the right
ask for a place in his mansion?
Or did he, like the one on the left, damn it all to hell!

Did he take heed of the words of the preacher?
Did he make amends before it was too late?
Did he say please my God wash away the stains
from this snow white garment i’m cladding?
Or did he stick to his guns as he was taking his last breath

Is he awaiting a place in paradise?
Or is his name printed boldly with flames
in the roll call of hell?

The dead one, is his soul soul destroyed like his decaying body?
Or is it waiting to be adjudged fit for heaven or hell?
Is heaven real? Is hell real?
Or they’re mere figment of the immaginate minds of some religious zealot?

If heaven is real,
if hell is a fact,
should we make amends now and join him in Eldorado?
Or should we hold on to our resolve
and burn eternally in the raging fires of hell?
The choice is yours to make,
the choice is mine to make…

But, wouldn’t it be better
if you live your life like there is a God?
Than live it like there isn’t
and die to find out there is!

Written by: Sam De Poet
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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