We shall not only live by guns,
and die by bullets.
Our tomorrows are in need of us,
to manure our left fortunes.

The martial religion,
will only preach across the metropolis
with howitzers to convert the stiff-necked Gentiles
into baptism of blood.

I tell you where they are;
beneath trees, with their tesbiu
Making five dose of daily prayers
To a god who demands slain heads.

What use is a god
that we worship with blood,
whose power relies
on the prowess in our veins?

How good is a religion,
that spews blood;
and multiplies dead skulls
as yardstick to gain heaven.

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • shomykolad

    Hmm..just the honest truth. It’s an invented religion. Carefully written

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