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ARISE O COMPATRIOT by Ojo Adewale Iyanda

Arise o compatriot

Arise o compatriot
Fate has been engrave
On the sand
Rain can wash the path
Wind may change all

Change is inevitable
Can speak without voice
Change in need
Not one in a broom
Are we dirt?

is that an Abraham Lincoln?
persistence and tenacity
Conclusion on the run
Games not yet played
Tongues in the sky

Wind of change indeed
Another face they need
old wine coated with New bottle
Future yet to come

His bedmate is limitations
They are his association
Withholding false conclusion
Expecting bigger illumination
Overcoming my imagination

peoples voice,Nation choice
When masses unite
Only divine can stop
Nature tends to coperate

Inseparable Nation
Historic Country
Uphold dignity
Arise o compatriot
God bless Nigeria

EPISODES OF IGNORANCE by Moses Chibueze Opara

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