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AFRICAN WOMEN by Mesioye Affable Johnson

The pride born at the borders where virtues are valued
On the integrity lying beneath the black skin and sparkling hair
Where the jealous sun laughs in delight of the rare norms you wear
On your cultured structure with shining beads tied around your beauty.

Your glowing skin in the dark is like the meadow at dawn
Graced with drizzling dew from the caring cloud
Whose colour speaks more of your sparkles which collides crowd
Of million men longing for the treasure littering your heart’s lawn.

Abeni mi,
Let me talk of the angle your steps make with your curves
Whenever you walk pass the forlorn route of masculinity
Where delight drools unawares from their wishing glands
Flooded with dented desires to secrete lust from their skipping words

You are the value I crave for while alive in unconsciousness,
But I saw materialism fluttering around the aura of their eerie emotions.
Truly I have no money,but on my knees is what money cannot buy,
So,trade my words in your heart’s mall and let it yield love forever.

Never forget the heritage I found behind your infectious demeanor.
So,keep it safe to save the aging age of Africa in ages to come.

Alake mi,
But why glue your baby’s chest to your navel
When our mothers placed you at their own backs?
Why has tradition drowned with unusualness in civilization ocean
Flowing to a destination where rags are the only symbol for beauty.

Why sell your beauty to the sweetness in life bitterness
While you gain pains at the expense of discounted pain’s gain?
Never tell me your nakedness is for what materialism holds
In her hands painted with deceit and blurry trust in longed lust

Your skin is not meant to be feeds for blazing pomade,
Neither is your beauty a function of hue not home made.
Ask the stars the reason behind their sparkling teeth,
And nature shall reply you with the importance of being natural.

Rich culture; reach caution!
With rich caution,reach pitched culture!
The warning I heard nature split in layers
Into the eardrums of femininity blocked with faded fashion.

Nigerian Poetry - AFRICAN WOMEN by Mesioye Affable Johnson

Author: Mesioye Johnson Affable

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