Her Grace Child

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Tears filled mama’s eyes
Fears of narrowing bones and the sun
Her grace child giggles in her hands – favourite pet
Never will she breathe unless her baby breathes death

Baby squeezes mama’s breast till they go dry of milk
Food you know child
But life you sow bare

See how dim our lives and light taste
Your father is now resting with the spirits of
Each time I turn
I see his dead blood and soul

Oh… Dear child we are alone in our naked land.
Wandering around like we are all blind
Each time you cry, I remember your birth
I cried too, but now it’s forgone

The dark woods where the birds had shades
The forest which taught you and I how to fend for
I wish humans act as the ants…
But humans are like lions

For her grace child,
Mama prayed
When yet she knew not God but gods
‘Keep my dear child’s elbow’

Oh, when life brings murk, lights hide
Deep beneath temple of sorrow
He’s gone at the time love wouldn’t chide
Lorn! Unruly pains of morrow

The young man lulls on her laps
The lips that wake the cock
At dawn. Drained-breast lolls and saps
I pray hope wouldn’t scorn or mock
… For the woman’s love and child

Written by:Bagudu Abubakar and Stephen Crown Gyet
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Thank you for the poem. We live in a world where great nations fight for profit and gain. The real war should be on starvation and sickness. I believe we have fell backwards. The savages run the world. Where are the men of love and peace?

    • If we collectively fight starvation and sickness, how sweet would the world be? I dont even want to imagine..Ahhh@

      • It would be a better world if we did fight together the world to stop hunger and sickness.

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