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Favorite Sin [Favorite Sin]

Cool, calm and smooth is my facade;
Beneath, lies a beast in a humble face
I am not amongst the best!

Hold on!
Would you still love me?
If I let lose; or believe me
If I went on my stubborn knees,
Sulk in regret and yearn for

What if the angel in me clips her wings?
Revv, nag and sting
Wear the apron of mortals
Walk in awkward paths,
Would you flinch, decline
Or understand if I said;
“Being me is my favorite sin“?

I am a fading wax of light
A bad piece of news
Passing off as a saint!
Tell me no more of my flaws
Least I become a pawn in
Chessboard of profanity!

I heard you call me a fanatic
No thanks to my vowed beliefs
Even though I know I am a humbled lion
Seduced by the Lord of Zion
A freaking fanatic basking before
His sanity

What if I speak my mind
And still could not find
A reason to be refined
As yours will define
The factum of being fine

I snored and slept last night
Then woke up with a fright
Seeing you spoiling for a fight
That will leave us without any right
To relish the rationale of being unique

Folly is when the color
Refuses to adorn the rainbow
Or the sky having a needless horror
Over the beauty of the rainbow

I am a zebra
You be the gazelle
Together and forever
We’ll live without hazels!

Love and nagging faith
Makes up the gene of my fate
Being me is my favorite sin!

Written by: Zanele Tyutula & Jon Manuels Enekele
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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