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Ewa Ni E [Ewa Ni E]

In the market, where there is a bevy of ladies
You are the most precious bead
The only reason market is bustling
Charming all buyers to come by
You are the princess Ayotomiwa
The daughter of King Adekanbi, the then Alafin of Oyo
The one beautiful maiden all eyes pursue
Last night I heard ‘awoko’ perching on the tree’s trunk
Praising your beauty like growing days old maize

I once heard ‘akewi’ too in the cubicle of ‘Eetu’ attire
Compared your beauty with colorful shape appears while sun
And mirrors exchange pleasantries
Not long ago, I heard ‘ewiri’ of blacksmith
Depicted your beauty as night full of stars
Your round-shape face like 15th day moon
The hollows that form in your cheeks while smiling
Like compass’ drawing circle
Entangling me in your love’s web

You are water in the morning’s stream
Should I speak about your legs?
Which stand upright like cedars
‘Sugbon o’ all these are mere blessing from ‘Eledua’
For your real beauty is hidden
Between grasp of genial and homely character

As it’s said beauty without character
Is like moony night without stars
Like sweet smelling fruit with bad taste
Your bewitching behavior
Could appeal to the scariest demon
And your dovely attitude
Leaves me hanging me on your trapping hook
Which I can never escape from

I will forever remember the day
Your soft-spoken words can tame angry lions
You are a simple stream
Mediates the conflict of two trees
You are not just a beauty in look
Also a beauty in flesh
The most beautiful of all beauties

*’Sugbon o’ but
*Eledumare creator

Written by: Dauda Muideen Lanre
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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