Dreaming Away To My Homeland

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I sat myself down the lane
And dreamt of far away.
I played with the sand,
Then I built a sand castle
And the thought of my sweet home came to me.

Tick! Tock!! Time ticks away
As the sun shines, shy.
I saw the moon –
Beaming with a smile,
Days of the week end in a slide.
With birds chirping,
And insects swishing.

The yearning for tomorrow – so high,
Shadows of my home
And the voices of my people get to me.
Here I’m today,
Ready to continue my sojourn.

In my sweet dream,
I was so close….
So close to my sweet home,
Where I’ll dance to the melodious tune of òkanga*
In my flowing agbada*
And settle for a plate of eeya*
and èpe-papara*.

And echoes of moonlight tales….
‘Titin gori… A’dum bere*’will fill my ears.
Oh! I’ve been dreaming awake!
O My sweet home, when shall I set my eyes on you?
My native land, when shall I catch a glimpse of you?
My Ebira Land, I shall never forget you!

*Òkanga – drum
*Agbada – a flowing gown
*Eeya – pounded yam
*èpe papara – melon soup.
*’Titin gori’…. A’dum bere’ – a phrase for introducing moonlight tales.

(All explained words in EBIRA language, spoken in Kogi State of Nigeria.)

Written by: Muhammad Oyereyí Ahmad
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Oludipe Oyin

    Fresh, nicee

  • Our home is the place we began and where our dreams and journeys began. Always will stay in our heart. Thank you for the amazing poetry.

  • Every word in the poem tastes in my mouth like a soup whose delicacy is at its supremacy….very much like Bassy Ikpi’s “Homeward.” And Eloosunde’s Home.”Poetry, you’re indeed the cozy words from the mouth of our dear God.

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