Dare To Succeed

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Dare to run
And refuse to withdraw.
Dare to change
But refuse to be chained.
Decide to move on
And depart from stagnation.
Dare to stop grumbling
Demand for your portion.
Dare to try
And refuse to be intimidated.
Dare to train
And refuse to surrender easily.
Dare to win
The position of a loser, reject.
Dare to conquer
You dare not capitulate now.
Dare to move up
The valley is too crowded.
Dare to be temperate
Intemperance is too dear.
Dare to change
It is the compass to success.
Dare your fears
Like paper-tiger, they will crumble.
Dare your doubts
Like wax, they melt away.
Dare your limitations
All barriers you will break.
Dare all devils
Angels await your bold move.
Dare! Dare! Dare!
The Promised Land you will gain!

meet the poet: Passy Amaraegbu

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • A poem with a fantastic message! Great effort.

  • I like the positive feel to the excellent poem. Thank you.

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