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BOSS CHRONICLES (5) by Jesse Asonze

Broken screens
A myriad of inter crossing lines
Sprayed across things once useful
A web of destruction spun along those lines
Vision blurred by strong emotions
Blind to reason

A boss and his mistress
in due distress
Fights occur
And will reoccur
But will there be a recess
To evaluate the success
In healing that abscess
Perhaps, it may even follow due process

The second boss snug in his happiness
Can not be bothered by such drama
Interference is not his game
His mistress is not acting up
Not need to drink of another’s cup

The main boss
Making decisions
Fighting to exercise his jurisdictions
Drawing attention
To his vision
Perhaps he could be a mediator in this stanza

Spectators abound
Mazes, one they surround
The world is round
What goes around comes around

To understand this chronicles, search out the scroll of plain efficacies
Or wallow in your ignorance

Author: Jesse Asonze

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