BLACK BOX by Larry Onokpite

This little black box
I carried as I plunge into the room
A huge monster and friend
Endowed with misery and mercy
Spewed countless incantations
Unto my little black box
And handed it to me.

When I received my black box
Insurmountable power possessed me
I fought to get my balance
Swinging between footing and toeing
Alas! I finally got my balance
My hefty loaded heart
Forced a balloon of air thru my chops.

Interestingly I had no choice
Freedomless, frail and inconsequential
This monstrous friend filled my box
Now I must leave with it all my life
Indeed in a life where I must live
Expecting to take up freedom and sense
Such a gloriously tainted irony!

One more emphasis:
I was invited to trust my black box
It generates energies needed for life
I solemnly believed
I obediently did not check the energies
Until I met you and bump into the other
Wow! Nor of you spared me.

Bitter complains!
Surprising ‘com-pa-reasons’
It appeared strange
Maybe I entered the room alone
Nay! You and the other got your turn
But why am I alienated and blamed?
These suffixes sprout: ‘Mis’ and ‘Im’

Misbehaviour, Immature
I gloriously got canonize by such
Wept, wailed, regrettably starved
After such a punishing fast
Conversion burst into my life
So powerful like the ‘big bang’
I became hot and prepare – equaling

Converting I equaled you and the other
Gradually I outdo you
This really made me feel good
Revenge is sweet tasting like food
I continued to bask in dirty purity
Bleaching my red clothes into white
Clamouring on nations to see it.

I gently began to catch my foolishness
Especially when our cymbals clashed
That sound bites the tooth away
Leaving flesh untouched
Skillfully plucks bone; flesh remains
I attacked your black box
You detested my black box

Perfect! You screamed.
Glorious! I proclaimed.
Deadlock! We need a word
‘Disclosure’: exposing the box
‘Self-disclosure’: doing it willing
Not even the dark loves darkness
Looking into this trusted box is hard

Be courageous you; eat it boldly
Tell me what is in there
I shall school you in what is mine
That’s the only way we can live on
I hate the clashing cymbals
Don’t hold back like an angry child
Trust as you did our monstrous friend

Wait! I roam and roar
Must I include everyone?
Pitifully not. They won’t understand
Listen over there:
When you see you, me or the other
Realize we all have our black box
Until we allow you; trend lovingly.

BLACK BOX by Larry Onokpite

BLACK BOX by Larry Onokpite

Author: Larry Onokpite

  • Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

    Great imagery, good one bro

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