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BEYOND THE SHORES by Okeke Chukwudi

2017 was a year of clarity
A year of surprises
Strangers became friends
Friends became family
A year of memories
A year of wonder
We learnt to take our first baby steps
It was a year we took a leap of faith
We left our comfort zones
We left the familiar territories that we once knew
We said farewell to brothers in arms

Yes it was a year of goodbyes
We dared to dream of the impossible
We learnt to taste the sweet waters of hope
As we lost sight of the shores
And made our way to the ocean

It was a year of laughter
Yes, the sound of it echoed through the walls
It was a year where the number 105
Became a home away from home-
A sanctuary for the lost, the wounded and the whole
We learnt not to take for granted
The things that we have been given

It was a year of hunger
Where indomie gained a whole new respect in our eyes
It was also a year of tears
But we learnt to smile through those tears
It was a year of the gift of friends.

It was a year of heartbreaks
As we lent our shoulders to fallen brothers
Struck down by the arrows of love
But in all it was a good year.

2018 is here
Don’t just walk, run
Don’t just fly, soar
Don’t just dream, believe
Don’t just exist, live
So this year make new friends, laugh

Find beauty in the seemingly mundane things of life
Learn to love and be loved
Spread your wings, learn to fly, the sky is your runway

Retrain your eyes to see what always has been beautiful
Relearn the things that used to come naturally
There is always beauty around you
You just have to look for it
With a little wonder you can find life in the dead of winter

Stop for a while, don’t be in a haste
Feel the wind
Smell the flowers
Feel the grasses under your feet
Learn to find the green in everything this year

Drown your doubts
In the oceans of hope
And know this…
Life belongs only to the brave
This year, be intentional

Author: Okeke Chukwudi

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