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Beware Of Thyduza [Beware Of Thyduza]

Beware! Oh beware!!
Of Thyduza’s snare!
Made of nooses that catch!
Hammers that smash
Snatch thy breath
Gnash thy teeth
Wobble thy spine
And tremble thy skin.
Beware of the foe
That sucks from thy woe!

Beware of that witch!
That dwells in thy flesh!
The fingers that crush!
The legs that bash!
Face with no fear
And nails that tear
Voice that blares
And teeth of gears
That crushes thy whole
And feed on thy soul!

Beware of Thyduza!
Daughter of medusa!
The hair of serpents
And the venomous bites!
The spell in the face
Enthralled by a gaze!
The groan! And stone!
Thy heart own…

Thyduza! Witch of forbidden eyes!
Watch not! Or thy heart dies!
For the stone it sows
In thy heart it grows
In showers of sorrows
The rain of strains
And the bane of pains
That nurtures the sprout of gloom
To bloom in the day of doom!

Beware! Oh beware!!
Beware of Thyduza!
Thy evil character!

Written by: Sesan Falade
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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