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And Dissaster Struck [And Disaster Struck]

Study we must tonight
For an exam looms on the morrow
Forget about using the electric light
Because currents in the nation seldom flow

So, we buy a white candle
In the room, the candle we kindle
How well! We may now read
Isn’t illumination all we need?

We study and ignore our shame
And suddenly come fire and flame
In raging inferno our valuables are stuck
Oh, no! Disaster has struck

In our presence our belongings burn
And to ashes they all turn
Dejected, we wallow and weep and wail
Until we become weak and frail

The people go philosophical as they reckon
They say afflictions won’t rise again
That a burnt palace will soon beckon
Yet they give no dime to relieve our pain

Written by: Omoya Yinka

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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