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AMUSED by Goodness Ayoola

Like a sudden rise of a gallivanting sandstorm
Successive sighs plane my deserted desert heart
Like the heat of the rising scorching sun on cold clouds
A cold of torridness melts into my feeble marrow.

A firing orb of confusion convulses into my bloodstream
I feel a core burning; it is the sunshine in my mouth.

The artistic eyes painting my meek meditation
Plead I, a silhouette in a hue of white
If possible, a ghost fading into an embrace of tint
For my thoughts are shaded with confused lines.

Shade me with a hatching here in my heart
The brood breed in me is a voracious itch.

I have scratched this surface with a penned ritual
This air of an extravagant crawling cadence
Like the church bell dance to its pendulum chimes
Gavels my heart to waltz and swing.

In spirited cocktail of croquis
I trail the cruise of a gluttonous muse.

Like the wood insect and the wood
I bear this burden on an inky path
A gin of words and lighted sticks of ballpoint
This path trespassed by the kindness of poets.

Daring feats footprints in bold bores
Indelibly stained in poetic finesse.

My muse is a queer fish
Wangling for ink at the shore of my heart
Fading swiftly into the tide of neglect
Like a slippery dream.

Now I ink the call of a bemused muse
And I am left amused!

AMUSED by Goodness Ayoola

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