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ACADEMIC TESTS by Sahaj Sabharwal

Oh these tests!
Superfluous academic tests
for which there’s no time to prepare!
Oh, damn these entrance tests!

Oh, it is Difficult to store
vast concepts in a small mind!
It is harder to retain and bring to fore
for marks and certificates signed

Parents worry about our careers
believing books are nifty
and smartphones are barriers
that have no sympathy.

Oh, student! Beware that
the examiner is neither blind
nor your by-dweller
that would give marks to be kind…

See, the students are worried
Smiles crease no face…
Their prayers are many but hurried
As they strive to maintain mental pace

Hear us, you parents and teachers!
Your support is essential
if you must raise tomorrow’s leaders
from today’s youthful potential

Author: Sahaj Sabharwal

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