2015 A Sharp Bend

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For Nigerians 2015 is a date with fate
Across the nation, it is on every tongue
On the tabloids, it is sung like a song
What shall become of our state?
Are we going to come out as one?
Or disintegrate and become none?

We have returned to the same point
In the history of our giant nation
Where division seem to be the only solution
Trust us to make the past count
Over the stupidity of a few noblemen
Rightful tired of the myopic sentiment

See how peace eludes us – we act wrongly
When we all hold the power in our hands
If only a true leader would emerge to save our lands
Now hijacked by unpatriotic men – they stay put strongly
They have made us their willing pawns
They steal all the treasures and give us guns

Deep down, nobody loves fear and anxiety
Can the North survive without the East?
Funny how we see each other as ugly beasts
When we are ought to be each other’s liability
Are we not of the same skin colour?
Shouldn’t we share similar sense of valour?

The time fast approaches to write our names
With golden ink in the history books
Yet another opportunity to chase away evil crooks
We must resist the urge to play their evil games
Even if they run from PDP to APC
We must, thoroughly, through them, see

Our true enemies live among us
Those that bomb our mosques and churches
Those that steal our money on daily bases
In this religion of peace, we must be sincerely pious
For the overall good of we common men
And that must come from the total will of us common men

Written by: Charles Bernard Aghadi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

  • Reblogged this on greendiarynotes and commented:
    A political Poem about the present state of Nigeria as it nears 2015 presidential election. please read and pass on…..

  • Powerful. I hear you Charles. I felt exactly the same way just before our elections. In case you would like to read it is Beyond the Ballot Box
    http://wp.me/p2qvHS-4Z and here we are a year later….totally disappointed. What can really bring true change I wonder?

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