Today’s class exercise is a follow up to the lecture on UNDERSTANDING POETRY: THE PLACE OF PUNCTUATION IN A POEM .

Punctuation in poetry is similar to punctuation in prose and serves almost the same purpose as bar lines in music without which the words and notes won’t flow all together. In order words, punctuation assists in organizing your words into discernible verses.

Many poets use punctuation marks without knowing why they used them. Others just write their verses without using any marks at all, not deliberately, just because they do not know how and where to use them. A third group of poets place punctuation arbitrarily, without realizing that punctuation actually aid the readers’ interpretation and also determines his/her breathe pauses.

Many poets seem unaware of the fact that punctuation marks thrown into a poem affect the reader’s pace, understanding, eye movement and perception and should be deliberately and carefully used.

EXERCISE: You are to write a poem of 10 lines and two stanzas. One of the stanzas should be punctuated while the other should be left without (end) punctuations.

Submit your answer as a comment on this post before 5pm today.

Read THE LECTURE for guidance:

The top 5 poems will be published on THE COLLEGE:


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    JobaOjelabi says


    My fathers are dancers,
    all one thousand and one of them.
    Although I only hear the silence of my celestial tune,
    and I, the legitimate bastard of beads and gourds,
    no longer move my feet to it’s ancestral rhythm,
    I am from the slippery bed where Royalty meets the Tapper’s daughter.

    I am from a place where fever dies on a sweating plate,
    and our greatest victory lies on a colourful palate.
    I hail from the grave of old men.
    Formed in the grey hair of young women.
    I am from the land that holds her sons’ feet.
    It is on my mother’s chest that Òrànmíyàn stumbled.

    Òrànmíyàn, according to Yorùbá folklore, was a demigod who in his travels slipped in what is known today as Òyó.

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    Enobakahre Samuel Ogbemudia says

    LOVE NEST(Edited)

    Education pitch holds secrets untold.
    Secrets between pairs,
    Only them can unfold.
    On that lawn, rears sit fast.
    On that lush mat, backs lies flat.

    It holds secrets untold
    Secret between two’s,
    Only them can unfold
    On that green bedding, is where many got a bedding.

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    Aqua says


    Go away!
    You, who swallowed our homes,
    Shaved, the hair of our farmlands,
    Painted…day black,
    You, who invaded our gaiety.

    You fell on us
    like your name
    And imprisoned the moon
    on a night we gathered as one
    to listen to moonlight tales

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    Ahmad Ismail Abdulaziz says

    Regret Not
    By Ahmad Ismail Abdulaziz

    i woke up early; when i arrive late
    I cry it out, but i leave it a fate
    I have no plans, what of a date?
    All way round i’m, did i have a rate?
    Hey! Success i arrive don’t close the gate

    Only when sleeping i live a dream
    Paralysed future i have may be to scream
    A live like these it never prove a thing
    I started to wish a life with remote
    So i can rewind my life a fresh

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