THE DARKEST MOMENTS by Bamigbola Silas

The darkest moments. Our oil running out Our lanterns gone dim. Our touches we set ablaze All quenched out. When we thought all hopes were gone. We saw the rays of light, Ceremoniously beaming from afar off. Lost hopes were made alive again, Joy restored to our souls Like captives free from their captors…

OUR NATION, OUR PRIDE by Benjamin Anabaraonye

A land of unlimited opportunities Blessed with rare skills and talents A people industrious and diligent …Our nation, our pride. A land of unbelievable riches Garnishing the earth with surplus food Blessed by God so graciously good With trees and tusks, fruits and fishes. A land of untrammeled tribes Varied in culture, each rich in… Continue reading OUR NATION, OUR PRIDE by Benjamin Anabaraonye

ROSA by Stanley Egeonu

Rose from shrub of Genus Wrought by Venus Alluring Rosa Worth basketful of pizza Rosa your smile is an ocean Curves hypes emotion Where sepals and petals goes Your wit and perfume connotes Rosa patient endureth in you Pride you besiege from youth Peace through conception And innocence in perception Like the fountain you sprung… Continue reading ROSA by Stanley Egeonu

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A MEMORIAL by Akinbode Oluwatobi Israel

Across the dirty lane That leads to a journey of no return, Her hand wiping the air, Eyes like a pit full of smiles, Only her hand spoke silently. Today… I lean on this door, lost in thought, Wrapped around my son, Then I decoded her words, It was a “Goodbye”, Ten years ago.


I never knew the word ‘brother’ Has an axe, Capable to tear the heart Apart. Until I tasted its wrath Through the grip of your tongue. Not that I was aware the word ‘friend’ Poisons the soul With much sorrow Until I tasted it in rounds In the meal of your mouth. I crave healing,… Continue reading …AND THE STING OF ‘BROTHER’ WILL CEASE TO HURT by Joshua Levites