The silence I evoked left me without a doubt My once candid views are now misconstrued If I had but another chance to tell my story The words I would change Maybe heal the earth or let it be If the gods would give thought to their subjects And rise to meet this endless challenge… Continue reading ONE DAY


Each time the cloud cries Beyond broken borders Refusing mild back-consoles And endless earthen apologies, We pray in our closet- Heal our land… From imminent ruins Besetting our being, Trapping our continued existence On seashells, and Snoring at our pilgrimed progress, Ready to cut short Visions yet untold; We pray in sudden silence, Heal our… Continue reading EARTH SONG


Akonna Daughter of Aluku Will you love me as I do you? You are a hive of pleasure Lock’d in the spire of the world’s wonders Emitting a ten-fold measure Of beauteous lights like lightening of thunders Destroyer of Original sin serpent Whose tongue caus’d Eden’s first man flee His den and now a recipient… Continue reading AKONNA