Today they will make the law To-moro they will make us there in-law Forty naira they will pay to have us Fighting with demons that devour us Helpless always, hopeless forever Man-like beast in colorful hinds Sweet promises of the lions teeth All evil in good you show All your black doors you hide Just… Continue reading CHILD SLAVE

DO UNTO OTHERS by Oku-ola Abiola Paul

If you hit her You hit another person’s mother How will you feel sir If your mum is so beaten by another brother? When you insult your spouse You insult another man’s father Can you live in such house Without reacting even if it was a blunder? Written by: Oku-ola Paul Abiola Edited by: Kukogho… Continue reading DO UNTO OTHERS by Oku-ola Abiola Paul


In pricking silence, I cogitate; A mug of espresso to oppress my gut, Encapsulated hot, in my palm. From threshold to denouement, my thoughts twirl Like a juvenile approaching his hitchhike‘s end; In search of soothing laughter, it gads, Seeking treasures which may not be. From breathing abodes, overtly boisterous, I saunter away in reproach.… Continue reading A MUG OF ESPRESSO


A place fond of love Where lovers meet in delight The object of affection Attracting two separate minds. The ground on which roses are cultivated Mixed with flowers of all kinds With tall beautiful trees Producing sweet fruits The trees give shade for the lovers As they sit under the tree For their dialogue of… Continue reading LOVE GARDEN


I showed her love. She threw me out and built a fence around herself. But I had my wit and strength, I built my kingdom and included her in it! Written by: Luke Chukwudi Ugwueze Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson Related articles Tell Me Not ( The Whore ( QUESTIONS (by Lynn Rosen and Ekemini… Continue reading I SHOWED HER LOVE


When the day breaks And the fog of the night is gone, The right path we shall certainly tread Till our aims become refined. Our eyes, closed in endless sleep, Have long shut their watchfulness from their keep; Our tongues, betrayers on a tour Cannot tell of honey gone sour. Our steps, tottering in the… Continue reading WHEN THE DAY BREAKS


On this new page, I will paint words full of scary rage. So put on your war shoes, for these words will unearth your hidden foes. Brother don’t be naive, lest like Adam they get you through Eve. Ignore their pseudo laughter, for that’s the cheap means of plotting your slaughter. So Peter pull-off your… Continue reading RED PEN