The GREEN AUTHOR PRIZE (GAP) was introduced in 2015 as an annual award in recognition of the need to give upcoming Nigerian writers a chance to get heard in a clime where the prohibitive cost of publishing has silenced many.

In each edition of the annual ‘GREEN AUTHOR PRIZE’, four young writers, who will be selected from four zones: North, South East and West of Nigeria by a team of young and established Nigerian writers, will be jointly published as co-authors of one book.

Eligibility for the GAP is limited to Nigerians, resident in Nigeria, who are between the ages of 14 and 24 years of age and are yet to have a published book (traditional or self-publishing). This is to achieve the sole purpose of building and supporting local talents.

GAP Hall Of Fame:

2015 – GAP 2015 (poetry)  was won by the following poets:

  1. VANGER FATER, a 23-year-old poet from Benue State (Zone 1)
  2. WAZANI ADAMU IJARAFU, a 22-year-old poet from Adamawa state (Zone 2)
  3. ONWUASOANYA CHIKA JONES, a 24-year-old poet from Imo state (Zone 3)
  4. AYOMIDE FESTUS, a 22-year-old poet from Osun state (Zone 4)

2016 – GAP 2016 (poetry) was won by the following poets:

  1. HUSSANI ABDULRAHIM, a 21-year-old writer from Kaduna state (Zone 1)
  2. SIRAJ ABDULAZEEZ SABUKE, a 24-year-old poem from Kebbi state (Zone 2)
  3. JOSEPH OFEJIRO BILABI, a 23-year-old poet from Delta state (Zone 3)
  4. MESIOYE JOHNSON, a 23-year-old  writer from Ogun state  (Zone 4)

2017 – GAP 2017 (poetry, prose, drama) will commence in October 2017