THE SECOND CHANCE (poem by Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize Judge Passy Amaraegbu.)

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The Second Chance by Passy Amaraegbu

When you reach the end of the rope
When the road is bent and blocked
Your sight becomes blurred
At the same time you are sapped of strength
When earlier you stretched and screamed
Because stress and strain
Multiplied and mounted on you
Life turned upside down
A forty day journey of jubilation
Exchanged with forty years stress
The serenity and succor intended
Surrendered to uncertainty of the season
The present besieged and blighted
Harassed and hemmed in by gloom and grief
In  the midst of this hopelessness
The Sun shall arise and shine forth
A second chance will be provided
Thus will life blossom and bloom again.

Dr. Passy Anayo Amaraegbu holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He is preacher and  has authored seventeen Christian Literature.

A former Psychology Columnist of Sunday Guardian, Dr. Passy self-published a collection of poem ‘FLAMES OF THE SOUL’ and is also the Publisher of ‘Successful Family Magazine’.

He is married and with his wife and children, lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

Please don’t give up.Keep writing. Consult with others. Maintain three levels of relationship; with juniors, colleagues and seniors.

God bless and congratulation.

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