WHAT IS LOVE by Ikirigo Sokari Jeremiah

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What is love, but an emotion so pure
That through seasons and length of time will surely endure

What is love but a force that can bring the mighty low
And make a villain a wanderer, knowing no way to go

What is love but a strong metallic bond that binds-
Two hearts together, leaving them glowing all the time.

What is love but the greatest of magic
Inspiring, annoying, cool, like music

Love is sweet, sweet to taste
Love is cool, its worth the wait!
Love is sour, sour like lime
Love is odd, can stain like grime

Love is good
Love is bad
Love is rude
Love is weird!

Love is pain
Love is gain
Love is sadness
Love is gladness

Love is ease
Love is a (dis)ease
Love is tough
Love is rough

Love is me
Love is you
Love is us
Love is everything!

Living is loving
And loving is living

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