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How long will this dryness last
This arm rest in anguish
The cloak of self-pity and plunder
When will the river flow again
While we yield to despondency
Surrender to shameful stagnation
Stagger in morbid phobia
Wallow in crippling self-criticism
Mingle in wanton reverie
Condescend to despicable degradation
Settle for generational mediocrity
Close our door of progress?

But we can turn around
We can will our wheel forward
Set our minds on the sky
Stir up courage to soar
Rise up boldly to break the ice
Resist the lure of lucre
Despise every cheap choice
Put off the filthy garment
Renounce low aim and living
Rise up to break the box
Break the box of bondage
And cause the oil well to burst again!

Written by: Passy Amaraegbu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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