Read Time:1 Minute, 57 Second [My Living Goddess]
A notice without
That fateful night
You became unbalanced
Your thoughts scattered

You were hit by a bout of pain
You endured for its gain
Though it was your first time
You were determined to remain calm

The pain increased
Yet you endured
To dad you even managed to smile
On the way to the hospital

You knew it was a momentous pain
You arrived with that ultimate consolation
Still vibrating with verve and vitality
Within minutes, you brought me forth

I beheld the first rays of light
I felt lost
But you were there
To drive away my fear

You carried me lovingly
I clutched to you, never wanting to let go
Though I was out of you
I was very much still in you

As I took my first faltering steps
With me always was your attention
To retrace, redirect and guide them
That they go not in the wrong direction

As I started out into the world
Meeting folks of varying mould
The good, the bad – Angels and Devils
I saw in you how to place them on their various levels

When confounded by the world’s mysteries
You unravel them with sweet stories
You told me Life’s riddles and jokes
Showed me it’s ups and downs

For my comfort and happiness
You are making so much sacrifice
You seem to always read my mind
Always providing what I need

I’ll cause grass to grow at the polar region
And get ice from the arid zones
With a candle flame I’ll dry the Atlantic
And make mount Everest move for your sake

My golden pearl
Your worth, words cannot tell
I’ll always hold in reverence
The serenity created by your thoughts and presence

You’re my Oasis in the desert
The truest love known to my heart
My living goddess,
For you, my last blood I’ll gladly sacrifice

You taught me how to enjoy, endure life
Through you I saw life
In you I felt life
With you solidly behind me I’m facing life

Written by: Alozor Michael Ikechukwu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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