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Our love stole the moonlight
Accustomed by the festive night,
Submitting us into silence
painting the pictures of Adam and Eve,
Studying our body’s reactions.

Fondling and kissing
Admiring and caressing,

The breeze and trees
intensively paid minds on us,
We had a rendezvous of our destiny
inspiring each other,
with smiles written in bold letters.

The ever blushing moon of our love
faintly diminishes into the sky
submitting us into regrets
counting the days that we were brightened
with the miracles of love.

We now live under the skin of distance
forgetting and forsaking,
the certainty of our feelings,
emotions and the heartfelt affections.

Distance made us feel separation
arresting the care for each other
we need changes
to buy back our closeness.