THE JUDGEMENT MOON: Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka

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I will be here, MR POLITICIAN…

Yes!here writing silently
Pray for your death fervently
No mercy in that prayer,not marginally

I will be here…

Yes!Here even after your tenure
Tenure that fed your riches like manure
While we screamed on prayer mountains “Die by fire”!

Oh! I will be here…

When you suddenly fall like us
No gunshot shall signal your death,only the curse!
Here,when the grave calls for you like an unpaid nurse.

Then I will be there…

I shall accuse you in the heaven like a faithful courier
You called yourself a political winner?;
You’re hellbound o wretched sinner!
Because I shall stand in heaven’s courts as
accuser, judge and executioner!

And I will be there watching you rot in shivering flames!
As your tears weep while your soul embraces fiery

“One day,we will all stand under the same moon, better hope you have enough blood to appease my fury, O politician”


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