GUBER CRIMINALS by Ajijola Habeeb Da Beloved

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it is the birthday of a new reign in march
to promote the superiority of the hoi polloi we all march

Let’s forget about the gold and the silvers
The real treasure on this day lies on the tip of our fingers

as every treasure attracts the gaze of criminals
on this day they seek to rob us and leave us live like animals

Guber Criminals!!!

they hide on the corner lurking like robbers
looking for those on which they would drop their capers

they use not the night as cover, in the broad day light
they deprive us our constitutional rights

Guber Criminals!!!

on this day we’ve decided to thwart all their selfish plans
their deeds would be naught but flashes in a lot of empty pans

on this day, we seek to thread a path good and new
come that day, we’d make sure the supremacy of our fingers rule

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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