EPISODES OF IGNORANCE by Moses Chibueze Opara

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ASSULINA, the lady I so much trust
Broke my heart and went on a strike
Because I refused to take
Her list for the shopping budget

I gave her some, “manage this for now”
“No”, she said, “if it’s not complete, I won’t come back”
That has been giving me sleepless nights
Will I kill myself?

My mama and papa once said to me
“My son that girl will smoke you dry, make you forget us
She too get big eye, leave her jare!
Na she go come back they beg you”

My people,
Abeg I do bad to love ASSULINA?!

LOOTOLINA, and me work in the same office
He is the chairman, ‘Oga At The Top’
He invested our salaries in a sexy pot-belly
And poked our hearts with his deceiving voice
“The F.G LEAGUE has not yet released this year’s budget”
We believe him, “They will soon do”

But see his tummy, like a bucket
“Na so we go dey dey?

See their white teeth ganging the naked street
Sharing false hope with gory breath
To enlarge their bloody quest
And like goats, deceived fools brothers

Posters and flyers kiss our village walls and trees
Everyone wants to enter Aso village,
People Deceiving People and All Pot-belly Congress at loggerheads
Meanwhile, penury sinks our smiles

We sniff the flames of our peoples’ dreams
And sharing tears with baskets of fear
Like goats without shame

If we slaughter ourselves
Who then will live to tell our stories?
We claim we are one?
How sure we are truly one?
Hold your bloody sermons to yourselves!

Beyond times and season, let our hearts reason
Flush away this mental ignorance
Into the rivers flowing in our consciences

This is my country!

*I love my country pass you. I share my heart



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