WHERE WAS FEMINISM? by Oloyede Joshua Adekunle

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Where was feminism?
When we were in school,
Uncle Shola beat boys seven strokes
And girls’ bum-cheeks three

Where was feminism?
When father farms field
Ada carried grains
Her twin,Arize,loaded on tubers

Where was Feminism?
When Shewa slapped Femi
Unto Teacher reported
Femi was punished for whole

Where was Feminism?
When Sarah called Abram,lord
And worshipped him like god,
Where was she?

Where was Feminism?
When Jacob tilled and flocked
For seven moons
Just to unveil a bride?

Where was feminism?
When men started to hunt ladies
For hands in wedlock
And face different ill-luck
In all for this
where is She?

Where was Feminism?
When groom flat-bellied on ground
And paid millions for a bride
Where is her bride-tears?

Where was Feminism?
When Moremi was humble to King
To save Ile-ife for her love
And not equality!
Where is she?

Where was Feminism?
When God created Adam
and drawn Eve from his rib
Where was she?

Where was Feminism?
At Elizabeth coronation as queen of England
Even,highly honoured than king of Ireland
Where is the mistress?

Where was Feminism?
when woman won as president of Liberia
her folk,a finance minister of Nigeria
where is she,absent?

where was Feminism
Deborah,the judge judging Judah
Jezebel leading Ahab to baal
where was her cry?

Where was Feminism
When sons and daughters
Born of woman and man
Cherished mothers than fathers?
Where was she?

Where is Feminism?
When we have love
And forget stratification
Where is Feminism?
When we abode not equality confusion?

Where is Feminism?
If a man loves his woman
And woman respects her man
In truism.

WHERE WAS FEMINISM by Oloyede Joshua Adekunle

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