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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [When Dreams Are Hindered]
My dreams are pregnant with the fruition of hope-
Clouded by the miscarriage of faith,
The absence of charity, the death of power to cope
And patience’s cremation. Love is a wraith.

These bewilderments relegate me
To the Dom of mocked stocks.

My constant thought of impoverished wealth
Awakens me to the dream of success,
And while resting on my fragile health,
I breathe in pain, even it’s excess.

For, when dreams are hindered;
Weakness becomes a devil,
Confusion turns into a gang,
And bravery becomes a tout,
In a land where failure is thought a slave.

But, if there be grace,
Brilliancy retreats to a market,
Intelligence finds clairvoyance,
Knowledge becomes understanding,
And wit meets wealth.

Written by: Eyo Justice Ellis

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