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TWO HEARTS by Oku-ola Abiola Paul

Read Time:52 Second [Two Hearts]
I don’t write about love
Not a topic for my likes
I don’t read about love
Don’t want to experience its hikes

I don’t talk about love
Don’t want to revisit the past
I don’t dream about love
Can’t cope with its blast

But you make me fall again
With it, shall I flow
You make me revisit its plain
Please don’t say ‘No’

My heart blooms with joy
At the thought of your proposal
Sweet is it sound
In the depth of my ears

‘Gracious God
Could this be real?’
Oh No! Deceit
Lies in the tongue of man

Fall, I shall not
Doom befalls, if I do
Your love I appreciate
But my heart’s key I’ve thrown into the desert

Written by: Oku-ola Paul Abiola and Oguntoyinbo Motunrayo Favour
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson