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Read Time:55 Second [The Heart Of Man]

I peeked into the heart of thou created of sand
Fornication, envy, hatred, murder – all sorts
At the table they sat and dined left to rot
Ah, with disobedience! I dare not withstand

Why didst allow evil dine full in you Haman?
Thou shouldst not have allowed all sorts in you Judas
In the end envy led you out of the palace…
All these saw I, when I peeked into the heart of man!

You burnt them to death for not stealing
You convicted the wrong people
You made it all harsh – bloody vipers!
Now you have left a family wailing

Hang thy heart to the top of the steeple
Let it shed away its sorts – to make the world better

*Dedicated to the memory of the Aluu four. A year has gone by.

Written by: Oluwabamiyo G. Fatilewa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson