THE DOORWAYS (on making Life’s choices)

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The Doorways

Upon hills
And valleys of bleeding thoughts,
Are door-ways unseen!

Two paths to take;
Our shadows grieved with fading joy
In the template of our souls, painted with faceless fears!

Two roads diverge between our hearts,
Openly wide comported with eager timidity,
I can’t make it! (Yawns of failure mock us at ease)!

But all along the journey
Of our fading life,
Door-ways are in-between!

Our endless dreams with rented life beyond;
Our fervent hopes cling.

As strangers, we camp here
Faced with two with choice to make;
Good bad!

But let all remember,
We reap what we sow
In this toiling world!

Ripped apart by ruthless displeasures,
Life’s pregnant clouds faint and mute,
We have nothing to boast of in this fading world!

With much foes hunting our paths,
And our hearts vandalized by fear;
We must be strong and courageous!

Enveloped in this transient world,
With our choices printed in our buoyant hearts
It’s our choice to share either good or bad.

There is a choice to make between life and death,
Let not the priorities be misplaced in our fainting memories
For the door-ways are broadly opened, choose!

Life is a choice: use your choice, powers for positive things…for in this fading life, there nothing to boast of!

meet the poet: Moses Opara

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