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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [Tears Won’t Drop]
I see pains, sorrows
I see a golden spoon turn to clay
Greenish leaves now brownish
A royalty feeding with a pauper
All brings shame and mockery
But my tears won’t drop

My eyes are swollen
Filled with an ocean of waters
Shining like the early sun
It glitters beyond gold
From all the worries life has got
Earth turns it back ears to my voice
Like blessings and favour all being sealed
Heart cries like an engine of a train
For destiny to reign
Still, tears won’t drop.

It’s my stage of humility
To see what life has in store
To feel the taste of the poor
It’s a lesson for the palace
When the sceptre is in thy hands
To love and to cherish
Merciful and compassionate
Killing the seeds of greed
To be a shepherd over it sheep
My tears won’t drop
Cause I won’t…..


Written by: Okelola Oladayo Joseph

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