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“I love you quite dearly.
I started loving you quite early.
While my friends read math,
I studied your birth…”

“I promise to make you quite happy,
I am not like others, no, not sappy.
I shall serve you, and be not selfish,
Give myself to grant your every wish.”

That’s what they all say,
Until they are handed the reins,
Then they beat, batter and flay,
The masses over whom they reign!

The suitors, in dark suits,
Fronting faces filled with false fruits,
They may smile and wave and beg,
For a sip of the oil filled kegs.

But when their hands touch power,
Their toil, all day and all night,
To fill their pockets, bellies and bower,
Abandoning us to our helpless plight!

Written by: Chikatito Jones
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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