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If I buckle, flinch or dissent
If I decline, inclined to hide my face
loathe my fears, and hug these jeers
sneaking in from the stands

If my faith spirals,
nose-diving into a conundrum;
and I fear to believe the nudging of my beliefs
that promises of providence are without repentance .

If I fail to hope
and hope to fail
because it’s a false one
in preference for not hoping at all

If I doped my way
to discountenance all yours for me;
all you’ve promised me and sulk my life out
in the face of daunting challenges

Of what value is your death?
To what extent are those gifts?
Of what import is your grace?

Away from me
take this avalanche of challenges
and you will see me rake
myriad of self imposed damages.

Danger is when I relied on my gut
rather than your grace!

Allow me experience
this scourging wilderness heat
and I will, from the sand of this desert,
an oasis create!

I will relish the promises in the land.
Promises anchored on the poignancy of your words;
to always honor them than your Name!

Take away from me these challenges,
The truism of your promises I’ll debunk.

I still believe in you.

Written by: Jon Manuels Enekele
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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