Read Time:55 Second [Prayer To Almighty]

Oh Lord! How long will I wait to see
The world in total equality
People living in communal harmony?

Oh Lord! Is there a place to see
Where schooling is free
And food is served to the poor without rupee?

Oh Lord! When will our society be
An epitome of the concept of morality
Humans the substance of humanity?

Oh Lord! When will our approach be
To work with an eye of accountability
And the social service of our professionality?

Oh Lord! How can we see
The eradication of social inequality
The right to perform well one’s duty?

Oh Lord! How beautiful it will be
To imbibe the children with sincerity
And the seeds of generosity!

Oh Lord! Who cannot wish to be
A resident of a place beyond regionality
Without the shambles of disparity?

Oh Lord! When will the time be
When men treat the unemployed with dignity
And they honour femininity?

Oh Lord! What a place it will be
Where casualty is no more an activity,
Killing humans no more an act of bravery!

Written by: Perveiz Ali
Edited by: Brigitte Poirson

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