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Read Time:1 Minute, 19 Second [Our Kontri Fine]
Our kontri fine
I say we kontri fine well well,
Bomb na we flower,
Na human blood we dey take wet am
We tears no get subsidy:
E dey flow like River Niger

I say our kontri fine no be small!

Our presido na good man
I say our presido na korekt man
E dey wack big fat turkey for breakfast
Wash am down with imported wine
But e say na the bone good for us
The calcium go give us better strong teeth

I say we presido na korekt man!

Ministers na gbaski people
I say ministers be tripple tuale
Dem dey do holiday for Dubai,
We do our own for Dustbin,
Dem ride fat fat cars,
We dey hang for molue,
Dem boko us for morning
And haram us for evening
Still, we dey give dem rankadede

Dis ministers na gbaski people, ye!

The gofnors na we personal persons,
I say the gofnors na we padi padi,
Dem chop and clean mouth for dem mansions
Follow us do our hunger strike sef.
“We feel the pains of the masses,” dem
Talk for dem fine fine grammar
Dem come laff us for our back

I say dis gofnors na good padi padi!

Baboon dey work
Monkey dey chop and relax
I say na monkey dey enjoy the sweet of baboon sweat
We dey wash hand with saliva when we house
Dey riverside…

But one day, the river go overflow…!

Written by: Tonye Ville
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson