ON WHAT THEY THINK El Sane Ken Silencer

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They think I hate life-
they think I love death
unknown that I have lived
died, wake and again decided…

On how I lives.

They think sour is sweet
in my tongue, they think
that I have no taste
as to life I don’t wink…

Living, trembling like immature.

They think I am johny-just-come
unknown that what they really see
is just not that fear, nor ‘cos I know nothin’
that I have gone, seen every rome
and returned, sittin’ like an old man-

Body in tremor…

Not on what they think
but ‘cos I have tasted,
all seen no honey
in either of the living
life as the world want it.

ON WHAT THEY THINK El Sane Ken Silencer

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El Sane Ken Silencer

Insouciant Sane. What I have known is that the trees and their leaves live as fated.