…ON SUICIDE MISSION (after the flood by Princess Okolie)

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…On Suicide Mission

The farmers went a-borrowing,
Nature dealt a stroke so harrowing.

They sweated long to plant this season,
But strong floods came and swept away their reason.

Their wives are dying, children are homeless.
The farmers contemplated hard but faithless.

Who will come to the rescue?
What can the leaders do with revenue?

Suicide! Suicide! The farmers are committing suicide!
Bearing their bodies are the tides on the side.

Farmers should please desist from this deadly mission.
I pray God gives you brand new vision.

Help we hear is now on the way.
The affected communities governments want to pay.

I hope the stipends will get to them without wane.
Or else, this gesture becomes a bane.

meet the poet: Princess Okolie

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