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…Of A Sorry Nation

We all fought and sacrificed to attain victory.
But, raping our trust a few have claimed the glory;
Thieving leaders living in shallow fame,
While the land is painted in rotten shame!

Who shall not be angered by the deviation,
When considering our nation’s situation?
Who would not worry about its sorry state?
And weep from sorrows too deep to state?

Alas, our nations’ ills are far too numerous,
That if we talk, for words we’ll be at a loss.
Yet, in our losses and tosses some do not care?
For them, the nation’s an idgit in a world circus fair.

Cuss me, but I hinge my hope on fervent prayer.
For it alone can take us to the fertile layer.
Where all will reap a bountiful harvest,
And peace will be pursued with earnest zest!

If only I could transfer this positive spirit,
Of Harvest and Zest, to the man on the street!
That after the manifestation of our zest,
One and all, male and female will have cause to rest.

I say this; whatever we decide to do is possible.
Add a little courage and we’ll make it achievable.
It is surely possible, but only if we say it is.
So if today we do, that vision of ours we won’t miss!

Jude Uchella
Davids Ezimako
Lawal J. Ayub Coolgeezy
Kester ‘Ehiozua’ Brown
Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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