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Read Time:1 Minute, 8 Second [Nwam]
Esquire! That should be your title nwam,
His mother echoed.
Sire of the law nnam
and all would be humbled.

Dire consequences await
those crazy market women
if they dare spit fire
at me….and a fight should transpire.

My conquest at law courts
will be frequent
and my ascent to the crème de la crème of market women
will be no small event.

I did not send you to school for nothing
it was a huge task, so daunting.
My entire earnings I spent.
My once youthful back became bent.

But now you have come back
a graduate of ‘calembiridge’
Okwa ya? Hehehe, welcome back.
You have crossed the narrow bridge.

Well, now we must avenge
the taunts from these hypocrites.
They will not expect our revenge
in fear and awe will they retreat.

Bur come to think of it,
your father will hear nothing of it.
But…okwa n’oboda, she boasts?
Okwa n’ala, she gloats.

*Nwam – my child.
*Nnam – my father (an idiom for an only son).
*Okwaya? – is that not so?
*Okwa n’oboda? – is it not in this village?

Written by: Mima Onyema
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson