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I was affixed by His right, on a tree.
The Crucifixion was allotted for three.
There, I gazed upon His eyes
And knew He was crucified based on a lie.

I was crucified on His left.
This death bed, I detest.
So, in rage I mocked Him
Who they called The King of the Jews.

I bowed my head in shame.
My Lord, like a robber was chained
And led to His Crucifixion,
As sacrifice for all the nations.

I hate him for being next to me.
He is nailed to the tree and he lets them be!
“Why not stretch out your hand of wonder?
Or use your voice to call down thunder?”

On the right, my soul silently cried.
I long for you, my Lord, my Savior.
I’ve wasted years plundering fellow men.
Can my prayer now end with an Amen?

What kind of Savior is this Nazarene?
Can’t He perform a simple magic trick?
Or was it all lies, claiming he’s the Son of God.
What good is He? He is of no use!

I, on the right, heard my fellow robber say this:
“Save yourself and us if you are the Son of God”.
“Why speak to my Lord my Savior thus?” I replied.
Don’t you know who He is? Shut up or get a curse”.

In my shame, I found the courage to look
To my Lord my Savior, who on the cross is nailed.
Hoping his ears would pick my words, I prayed,
“Remember me Lord, when, into your kingdom, you come”.

To me, his battered face he turned
His bloody lips slowly quivered.
I trembled as he looked at me and said,
“Son, today, you will be with me in paradise.”

My last chance came at the cross, my death bed!

Written by: Verest Drian Nwafor-Nso
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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