MAN IN THE HOOD: by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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I am a man who’s got no face,
Even still I possess all countenance.
I steal glances at the hills and mountain,
But it amazes me that I was spilled out of no fountain.

Yesterday I wore red
Today I am on white
Who knows tomorrow
Maybe a gleaming black.

I see secret blunders inscribed on heart pages
I know the scar on nature’s cheek,
When night suffers at the burial of the moon, I hijack the show
But before the sun scans my bruises,
Nightfall murders me.

I’ve got some errors no one could see
I am a terror, blind-folding the sea.
I smell human voices stained with lies
But my perfection, I do not trade for just smiles.

I guess I am perfect, just like the flawless skies,
Even without feathers I soar with the flies
But listen, do not shield me with your trust
For till your emotion bleeds, I will always thrust.

You do not see my bruises, I guess I am an actor.
My heart is free of weeds, you don’t need a tractor.
I am the man in the hood, the faceless devil,
Watch my mood, for I was begotten of evil.

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